John Studies
- 4 lessons
- About 1 hr each lesson
- Focuses on the Gospel of John, so no  need to have to find other books of the Bible.  This gives time to get used to the Bible without feeling overwhelmed.

Whole Book Studies
- Looking at every verse
- Finding how the Whole Bible fits together.
- Realizing that the Bible really does apply to our day to day lives.

 Call Pastor Jerry to schedule a study

     -Home 605-372-0060

     -Cell 507-920-3175

Power Bible CD

- Computer PC based study tool

- I will show you how to use search features, commentaries, interlinear Greek and Hebrew tools to search for words in the original languages, and compare multiple versions side by side.

- Quickly look up Strong's Concordance definitions of original language words.

- Find cross references to other verses that deal with a similar topic with just a slide of your mouse.

- This program allows you to instantly copy and past Bible verses into your e-mails or word processor documents.

- This is not an expensive computer program, but it is very useful and user friendly.