May 26th II Peter 1:16-21 (  Note:  Due to technical issues the ending of the sermon was cut off, but the main point was there.
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Statistics and Consequences Numbers.mp3

The Spiritual Battle Numbers 25.mp3

Sucess With the King Numbers 24 10-25.mp3

Faith in God's Plans Numbers 23 &24.mp3

Please Note that due to technical difficulties the audio quality is very low for the message:  Faith in God's Plans

God is in Control Numbers 22 21-41.mp3

Trust and Obey Numbers 22 1-21.mp3

We Can Believe Numbers 21 10-35.mp3

Believe and Live Numbers 21 1-9.mp3

God is Good Num 20 14-29.mp3

A Powerful King is Born.mp3

Numbers 20 1-13 Temptations.mp3

The Red Heifer and Hanukkah Numbers.mp3

God's Care Num 18 8-32.mp3

Select Priests Num 17-18.mp3

God's Way Numbers 16 36-50.mp3

God's Authority Numbers 16 1-35.mp3

Reminders from Numbers 15.mp3

False Repentance Num 14 39-45.mp3

Consequence and Mercy Numbers 14 20-.mp3

Trusting God Numbers 14 1-19.mp3

Courage for Fear Numbers 13.mp3

Leadership Does Not Create Morality.mp3

Not Alone Numbers 11 16-35.mp3

Guest Speaker Doug Kleeberger.mp3

Complaints Numbers 11.mp3

Trumpets of Christ Numbers 10.mp3

God Leads Numbers 9.mp3

Giving To God Numbers 7-8.mp3

Numbers 6 Vows and Fasting.mp3

Christ's Atonement to the Father Num.mp3

Christ's Substitute Numbers 3-4.mp3

Numbers 1-2 God Can Save Many.mp3

Contentment Philippians 4 6-23.mp3

Humble Unity Phil 4 1-5.mp3

Enemies of the Cross Phil 3 15-21.mp3

Pride in Christ Phil 3 1-15.mp3

Phil 2 19-30 Encouragement.mp3

Shining Light Phil 2 12-18.mp3

Defusing Conflict Phil 2 1-11.mp3

As You Share the Gospel Phil. 1 23-3.mp3

Philippians 1 9-24 Paul's Mission.mp3

Praying With Joy Phil 1 1-11.mp3

Ex 35-40 God Delivers.mp3

Ex 34 18-35 Let Your Light Shine.mp3

Isaiah 52-53 The Good News.mp3

Ex 34 Who is God- Palm Sunday.mp3

  Due to technical difficulties, no message was recorded for EX 33:12-23

Ex 33 Close to God.mp3

Ex 32 A Leader's Influence.mp3

Ex 32 Merciful Leadership.mp3

Ex 32 Idolatry.mp3

Moses' Law Today.mp3

Exodus 31 Christ's Rest.mp3

Exodus 30 God's Expectations.mp3

Exodus 29 God's Cleansing.mp3

Exodus 28 Priests.mp3

Ex 27 Christ and the Courtyard.mp3

Baptism Points to Christ.mp3

Ex 25 Tabernacle of Christ.mp3

Ex 23 20-24 18 God Appears.mp3

The Birth of a Savior.mp3

Exodus 23 14-19 Giving to God.mp3

Ex 23 10-17 Feasts and Christ.mp3

Ex 21 28-23 9 The Justice of Law.mp3

The Justice of Law message has the children's church included in the introduction.

Exodus 21 1-27 Servants.mp3

Fear not Dread Ex 20 18-26.mp3

The Sabbath Ex 20 8-11.mp3

10 Commandments Ex 20.mp3

10 commandments & Galatians 5.mp3

Holy Holy Holy Ex 19 16-25.mp3

Meeting God Ex 19 1-15.mp3

To God be the Glory Ex 18 1-12.mp3

Jesus the Savior Ex 17 8-16.mp3

Living Water Ex 17 1-7.mp3

Complaints and Trust Ex 16.mp3

Christ our Hero Ex 15.mp3

Christ at Parting of Red Sea Ex 14.mp3

remembering Ex 13 1-22.mp3

Brian Kruger.mp3

Tell the Story Exodus 12 21-36.mp3

Christ's Passover Ex 12 1-20.mp3

Hope in Christ Exodus 11.mp3

Light & Darkness Exodus 10 21-29.mp3

Terms of Surrender.mp3

Fake Repentance Ex 9 27-35.mp3

Warning and Mercy Ex 9 13-26.mp3

Grace and Punishment Ex 9 1-12.mp3

Consequences & Compromise Ex 8 16-32.mp3

Nothing Before God Ex 8 1-15.mp3

Saving Beleif- Ex 7 14-25.mp3

God's Power Ex 7 1-13.mp3

Trust God's Promises Exodus 6.mp3

Trust in Trial Exodus 5.mp3

When in Doubt, Obey Ex 4 1-9.mp3

Palm Sunday Independence.mp3

Exodus 3 11-22 Who is God.mp3

Exodus 2 23-3 10.mp3

Exodus 2 1-22 Prepared.mp3

Exodus 1 15-22 Fear God, Don't Drea.mp3

Exodus 1 1-14 Understanding Tragedy.mp3

Philemon 18-25.mp3

Philemon 8-17 Serving God Together.mp3

Philemon 1-7 Love.mp3

Col 4 7-18 All For Jesus 1.mp3

col 3 12-21 Applying Christ to Our.mp3

Christmas Eve 2017.mp3

Col 3 5-15 Christ as Our Standard 1.mp3

Col 2 18-3 4 Christ over Spiritual 1.mp3

Col 2 10-17 Are We Under the OT Law.mp3

Col 2 1-10 Southtown.mp3


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